2019 Montana Hunting Company Photo Contest

Please fill out the form below and choose your favorite trophy photo, by simply clicking the button below your choice. There are three categories of photos to vote for; Trophy Photo, MHC Logo or Sitka Gear Photo, and Animal/Action/Scenery. Please select your favorite photo from each of the three categories below.

VOTE AND WIN! For every 50 voters, MHC will give away an MHC hat. Then on February 15th, MHC will give away a $50 certificate to use in the MHC store or to purchase Sitka Gear through MHC.

This contest helps MHC to understand what you, as our audience, likes in a quality photo. We can then build on that, to continue bringing you quality photos. Thank you for your participation.

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Category #1: Trophy Photo

Category #2: MHC Logo or Sitka Gear Photo

Category #3: Action, Animals or Scenery Photo