August 2019

Season is Close: Get Prepared

In many states, some hunting seasons will be kicking off in the next few weeks. For us in Montana, archery season begins the first part of September. As the 2019 seasons approach, we all start thinking about what we need to get ready to go hunting. This can be a lot of equipment and gear, and things can get overlooked.

It's always good practice to go through your hunting clothing and make sure it is up to par. Checking for broken zippers or holes in knees and getting that stuff fixed or replaced. Little things like this can be the difference of a good hunt or an uncomfortable that has gone bad.

One of the most important things to do, in my opinion, is to make sure your safety gear and life saving gear are up to date and functional. Go through your first aid kit and make sure it is full of the things you'll need. Make sure the items in it are functional and useable. Things get wet over time and can become useless in a critical situation. On top of making sure it is all useable, also make sure you know how to use it!

Another item to check, especially if you are hunting in bear country, is your bear spray canister. First, check the expiration date and make sure it hasn't expired. Then double check the safety and the trigger on it. You don't want a broken safety or trigger as this will lead to an accidental discharge or not being able to discharge it at all.

If you carry any other safety devices, make sure they are going to work and you know how to use them. If you are carrying a spot or sat phone, make sure it is working, batteries are charged and the plans are paid and working.

One other thing to think about, is the software and apps that show private from public lands. Make sure your software is updated and you are using the most current version. That way, you will know for sure where you are and if you can be there.

Checking your gear now and getting it all in order, will let you focus on your hunting and give you a better chance at being successful!

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