April 2018


Since 1996, Montana Hunting Company has been taking hunters on exceptional hunts throughout Montana, Colorado, Wyoming, and California. With every hunt, our knowledge and expertise of the animals, land, and gear has grown. That knowledge, is what our hunting clients have come to rely on and expect when hunting with us; folks know their hunt will be a success. MHC wants to extend our knowledge of the gear we use, to not only our hunting clients, but to any person that wants to know what does and doesn't work on any given hunt. MHC has many reasons why we can be a trusted source for decision making when it comes to hunting gear.

Most of our guides are in the field about 75 days per year, just guiding our hunts. That doesn't reflect the days spent in the field for personal hunting or other guiding activities. With this many days spent in the field, it is a given that our staff experiences just about every type of hunting and weather scenario possible. Some of our guides spend many days guiding hunts in Alaska and with that comes more experience in harsh conditions. We are not just a group of guides that have seen a few nasty storms in Montana. In short, MHC and our staff have been all over the world in all kinds of conditions and have the knowledge to help you get the gear you need.

Whether it's an early season hunt in September during the elk rut, or sitting in a downpour on the Alaskan Peninsula glassing for Brown Bear, we have put lots of clothing and gear to the test. Our staff is continuosly working together to have the best gear for the right situation. We send out a monthly newsletter amongst our staff to communicate and share our thoughts and experiences in an effort to make all of us better at what we do. If the guides have the right gear and equipment, they will be able to give the hunt 100% effort. The same philosophy holds true with any hunter.

The thing we see the most in the field and on our hunts is improper clothing for the conditions at hand. We decided we wanted to try and remedy this, and not just for our clients that we see come on our hunts, but to anyone that is involved in any outdoor activity. In 2017, we became a Sitka dealer and have started to share our knowledge of Sitka gear with fellow hunters and get them the correct gear for their needs. Our staff primarily wears Sitka gear while in the field. Not because we are paid to, but because we have tried just about everything out there and have always gone back to the performance of Sitka clothing. Through years of trial and error with different pieces of clothing, we have compiled three packages of select Sitka items that will suffice for several different hunting and weather conditions. These packages can be ordered through MHC and customized to meet your exact needs. MHC's custom Sitka packages are geared towards early, mid, and late season hunting situations. Beyond our custom packages, we can fill any order for any piece of Sitka gear. We'll help to ensure that the right piece is going to match the specific situation it will be used in.

So, let MHC do the dirty work and figure out what works and what doesn't. No need to sit in a rainstorm and realize that your rain gear isn't as advertised, or wishing you had a different jacket as you hunker behind a rock to block the cold wind that just blew down on you while you were stalking that beautiful Dall Sheep. We've already done all that and we know what will work to keep you 100% focused on the hunt.

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